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Beginning in 1993  our auto purchase and sale experience ,gained identity in 2000. Celix Car in 2011, completed 18 years of auto trading experience.Celix Car exports vehicles to all the European and Asian countries ,especially Germany.Within the time ,with  the support and confidence of our customers we developed and we have included  specific vehicle trading certificates of guarantee in our structure.In addition, we make vehicle technical service and maintenance, zero, and 2 used auto tire purchase -sale. Currently available in the system ,you can reserve the vehicles through our website and if you wish ,you may want to offer your vehicle.We start to effort to be in the   E-Commerce environment in the near future for tire purchase and sale and the sale of Car Spare Parts .We started auto purchase and sale in 1993.We expanded our auto gallery with more reliable service and more service understanding by putting the year’s experience.Since 2004, we also started the sale of auto tire.In 2007 we  started to serve a broad range of further expanding gallery.From the year 2009, besides these services ,we started  full-guaranteed vehicle sales with contracted agencies,and we started the clean-up the autos.Since 2010 entering the restructuring  we started to to give some of these services through our own website.In the near future through internet,with e-commerce system we will sale auto tire and auto oil at your request.

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